Green River Whiskey – Vintage Advertisement

Green River Whiskey Ad

Michael Dietsch over at A Dash of Bitters posted a number of amazing advertisements regarding Green River Whiskey, a now defunct product hailing from Owensboro, Kentucky.  Owensboro is just about an hour from the city I grew up in, Evansville, Indiana.  According to this article, the craft whiskey movement in the United States has renewed interest in both the Green River Whiskey brand, currently being given a reboot by the great grandson of the founder in a new location in Ohio, and the old distillery, purchased by  Angostura and being refurbished for a new whiskey coming out of Owensboro.

It excites me to see this come out of a place so close to home.  Good luck to everyone involved, and I look forwards to tasting the new products.

For some added fun, there is an archive of old Green River ads, and here’s a search for all the Green River paraphernalia that you can purchase on eBay!

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  1. Where were they located? I remember passing by a distillery in owensboro when traveling once…

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